When I started my career at the City of Amsterdam 14 years ago I never knew I was going to be an entrepreneur one day.

In the past 5 years I have been working with female founders in the startup scene. I have helped (aspiring) female founders to start and scale their businesses, connected them to the right recourses and be more visible. At the same time I kickstarted my own business as an online business coach.

There are many women who feel stuck at their jobs and strongly believe that there is more for them out there. I help these women discover their “Genius”, and create a business that empowers them and helps them to reach their full potential.

Helping women build businesses with purpose contributes to my mission to create a more equitable and inclusive economy.


Born and raised in a small Dutch village, despite my family’s best intentions, my options and world view were limited. My Turkish family, having migrated here in the 70’s, wanted me to “be good and fit in,” and as a young Muslim girl, I wore a hijab from the age of 11.

Standing out, I always sought to fit in; I learned to speak Dutch perfectly and ace my grades at school. I moved to Amsterdam when I finished my Masters degree in Law, and that’s where my life change began.

Out on my own, I found my voice and my authentic sense of self. I chose for the first time to carve my own life path and be independent.

My own journey to find my voice and carve my own path inspires me to support others to shine. Every woman has their own story and unique challenges and obstacles; I want to empower them with the tools, mindset and experiences to thrive and reach their full potential.



For more than 2 decades I have been working on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, first as a policy advisor and then as a project manager.

In the past 5 years I have worked as the Female Entrepreneurship Lead for Startup Amsterdam and have co-created Equals Amsterdam, a female hub for women who want to start and grow their own business.

I have a Master degree in Criminal Law and am a certified Master Mindset Coach (NLP). I also have certifications in Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing.

"Semra, is what you call a true inspirator. A role model. With her compelling personal story she's authentic and knows what she talks about. She has the perfect energy to inspire and motivate you. She helps me stay connected to myself and tap into my true potential. "
"Semra is a sympathetic and powerful business coach with a great deal of expertise. With Female Works she provides such an inspiring tool for those who want to achieve results in business and conscious manifestation."

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